Pawn & Loan Services

At Las Vegas Pawn, we will lend you a fair price for the valuable you bring. We lend on items ranging from diamond jewelry, televisions, tools and even gold. Typically, the loans we make range from $10 to $200, however we will loan thousands of dollars if the item warrants that value.

How do Pawn Shops Work?

The difference between pawning and selling your collateral is that if you sell your merchandise, you are giving up the item permanently for the negotiated payment. Las Vegas Pawn Jewelry and Loan will hold the item for 30 days for police background laws. Once the 30 day period passes, we can sell the merchandise. If you are planning on pawning your merchandise, this means that you are planning on coming back to pay the interest fee and gain possession of your pawned item after the loan terms are satisfied.

Get Out of Debt with Quick Cash Returns

We are quick, courteous, discreet, and confidential. Give Las Vegas Pawn a call today at (760) 955-5555. We can help you in your time of need and get you the cash you need! Pawn & Loan Terms.

Make quick cash when you contact our pawnshop services in San Bernardino, California and Victorville, California.